Hydrobaths from $5

just BYO towel  (doesn't matter on size of dog)

Choose from Weekend basic hydro $8 (no cologne)
Mystery hydrobath only $5

Everyday Hydrobath or Medicated bath (BYO) $10/$8

Speciality baths - Emu Oil, Aloe Vera, Flea and Tick, Black Gloss, Puppy and Kitten, White N Bright, Oatmeal $13 (includes cologne)


Everyday works - Brush out, everyday hydro, nails and ear clean $18

the Ultimate - Brush out , Flea Hydro, nails and ear clean for $20 Introducing

Pure Indulgence Package - Pina Calada Hydrobath, brush out, pedicure, ears and Blow dry $25
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