Day Spa

Day Spa

                               Relax and undwind in the doggy day spa! a huge list of relaxing baths and massages to choose from!

Day Spa services

Mud Infusion $20
effectively absorbs and removes dirt, grime and water matter, result reduces inflammation and elimates odours!

Charcoal immersion $20

Aromatic Salt Bath  $15


  1. Rose Scent
  2. Camomile scent
  3. Lavender
  4. Peppermint and rosemarty scent
  5. Coconut & vanilla Scent
  6. Musk Mallow Scent
Paw Massage
Pad moisturizing  and Massage $30
Anti slip application and massage  $30
Nail Art $30
Application of nail polish

Aromatherapy & massage treatment  $60

  1. Sweet Orange and sweet Marjoram   - eases tension and stress
  2. Lavender Ylang Ylang and Rose - calming
  3. Eucaluptpus, Juniper Berry, geranium and Ylang Ylang – heals tied body adjusts the balance of mind and body
  4. Geranium Rosewod and Patchouli – relaxing floral reduces stress and helps maintain helahty skin
  5. Neroli, Petitgrain and Rosemary reduces fear and anxiety, refreshes mind and body
  6. Roman chamomile, Lemon and Atlas Cedarwood – invigorating fresh, fruity reduces anxiety and frustration, natural feeling of peace

Revitalize $90
– (sea mud and deep sea water) Massage

Pet Esthe vivid colour

$20hr to colour plus $29.95  per tube

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