Slithery and Slimey

Slithery and Slimey

Slithery and slimey

Reptiles are a great small pet to start with, don’t need a lot of space, don’t smell, and don’t bark!

There are a few different types of reptiles you can keep (but remember you will need a license!)

Turtles  - short neck macquarie or eastern long long neck 4ft tank min required – there is NO such thing as a penny turtle – ideally when fully grown live in a pond – UVA and UVB lighting required. Eat lots of different things – frozen food, crickets, Repashy and bloodworms.

Snakes  -childrens, spotted or stimpson python – smaller pythons that grow to 1.2m. heat requiredeat – defrosted rats or mice

Lizards – my favourite – Central netted, dwarf beared dragon, blue tongue, pink tongue or central bearded dragon just to name a few ,  Eat insects, fruits and veg. UVA and UVB lighting required

Snakes are super easy to look after - just require heat – but need to upgrade slowly from their small homes to big tanks.

Lizards and turtles require uva and uvb lighting in their homes, little bit more $$ than a snake.

But I find the lizards are the ideal kids pet as they are interactive and have loads of personality.

Not only will they sit their watching tv with you but help with housework and run around the home.

Initally the set up for a turtle or lizard is expensive – but once you have it you don’t need to buy another. But uv lights will need replacing every 6 months because it runs out.

If you think you may want  a reptile and not sure – pop into the store – you can even join the kidz club and get up close and personal with the Pet Supersavers reptiles this school holidays.

Or if you would like something kookie? Come on down and check out the scorpions, spiders, millipedes, centrepieds or burrowing coacharoaches!

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