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The Cujo 25 inch leashes are built with 6 inches of Shock Absorbing Stretch. The tight, short stretch gives the owner the most Comfort and Control over the Medium to Large Dogs that Pull Hard! Cujo 40 inch leashes are built with 12 inches of Shock Absorbing Stretch. Slightly-less tight and longer stretch gives the owner the most Comfort and Control over the hard pulling Small Dog or the Medium and Large Dogs that do not pull
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EZYDOG1EZY DOG CUJO LEASH -25 (64CM) BLUE$26.00click to set
EZYDOG10EZY DOG CUJO LEASH - 40 (100CM) BLACK$28.00click to set
EZYDOG12EZY DOG CUJO LEASH - 40 (100CM) CAMO$28.00click to set
EZYDOG2EZY DOG CUJO LEASH -25 (64CM) RED$26.00click to set
EZYDOG3EZY DOG CUJO LEASH -25 (64CM) PINK CAMO$26.00click to set
EZYDOG4EZY DOG CUJO LEASH -25 (64CM) BLACK$26.00click to set
EZYDOG6EZY DOG CUJO LEASH -25 (64CM) CAMO$26.00click to set
EZYDOG7EZY DOG CUJO LEASH - 40 (100CM) BLUE$28.00click to set
EZYDOG8EZY DOG CUJO LEASH - 40 (100CM) RED$28.00click to set
EZYDOG9EZY DOG CUJO LEASH - 40 (100CM) PINK CAM$28.00click to set
The Mutley has the same great features as the Cujo except the handle is made of a Soft Waterproof Neoprene. The Neoprene Handle is perfect for slipping over the wrist or holding in the hand. Great for Jogging or Cycling with your dog! Add an Standard Extension for additional length, or add 2 extensions for dual tangle-free dog walking!

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