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In a nutshell, NatureÕs Calling Cat Litter offers incredibly effective odour control* thatÕs not only fast clumping and low maintenance but also 100% natural and totally biodegradable so itÕs great for the environment too. SUPERIOR ODOUR CONTROL Proven to absorb odour * Made from the re claimed lining of the walnut shell, this blend of fibrous material has been proven to absorb odour better than many other cat litter formulas*. FAST CLUMPING ACTION Quicker and easier to clean, flushable Fast action formula, clumps on contact to form hard clumps within 15 minutes. This makes cleaning simple and quick. Clumps formed by NatureÕs Calling have been certified as Ņsafe to dispose of by flushing in toiletsÓ**. 100% NATURAL & BIODEGRADABLE Kinder to the environment Not only is NatureÕs Calling 100% natural & biodegradable, but it comes from annually renewable resources so itÕs much kinder to the environment. LOW DUST Easy to manage, less mess Virtually dust free, NatureÕs Calling doesnÕt contain any harmful chemicals or toxins so itÕs safe for you and your cat. It shouldnÕt stick to your catÕs paws so they wonÕt leave a trail of litter behind them. * COMPARATIVE TESTING FOR AMONIA ** Flushable Š NatureÕs Calling has been certified as Ņsafe to dispose of by flushing in toiletsÓ. It is recommended that a maximum of 480mm of NatureÕs Calling can be flushed at a time.


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