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Consistent feeding times are integral to your pet's health. For pets staying home alone while parents are at work and kids are in school, portion control can also be an important issue. Petsafe Electronic Feeders can help you maintain a schedule with your pet even when your life gets complicated. Portion Size 1.5 cup Timer allows you to set each meal any time up to 48 hours away. Dishwasher-safe food trays Uses one (1) AA battery (not included)
FEATURES: Suitable for medium to large size dogs up to approximately 100 lbs. Battery powered ? batteries will last approximately 3 months with continuous use ? Do not use rechargeable batteries Option for upgrade to electric power (see below to purchase Transformer) Door has an on/off switch to save battery power when the door is not in use One collar key is included with the door. Additional keys may be ordered below (for extras or if using the door with more than one dog). Only pets with a coded collar key can enter or exit through the door Speckled Grey finish Heavy plastic construction Weather Resistant Flap is tinted, see-through, self-closing, magnetic and made from toughened acrylic The door can be manually locked 4 ways: IN ONLY; OUT ONLY; OPEN OR LOCKED. Internal lockable panel for extra security Adjustable electronic relatch timer ? Allows you to specify how long the door remains unlocked for your dog to pass through Easy to fit with full instructions Adjustable tunnel for doors and walls up to 2" thick** 3 year guarantee from the manufacturer DIMENSIONS: Actual size of door opening (where dog passes through) = 10 3/4" wide x 15 3/4" tall Overall Size = 22 ?? x 17 ?? Cut Out Size = 16 7/8? x 11 ?? *Note: Strong sunlight will affect the range of the collar key. It is strongly recommended not to install this door where it is exposed to strong sunlight conditions. **Installation in Walls: This door can be installed into walls of any thickness. If necessary, a tunnel can be created by using 1? thick wood to line the tunnel. If this method is used, enlarge the cutout hole in the wall by 2? in length and 2? in width. Use wood screws or drywall screws to secure the doorframe to the wooden tunnel.


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