SportTrainer¨ 1600 m Remote Trainer

SportTrainer¨ 1600 m Remote Trainer
price: $549.95

product code: SD1825E

Train up to 6 dogs with confidence over any distance. The SportDOG¨ SportTrainer SD-1825E has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for all dogs over 3.6 kg. Consistent, correct use of this product allows you to reinforce commands and correct misbehaviour from up to 1600 m. The waterproof* Remote Transmitter sends a signal, activating the waterproof* Receiver Collar to deliver a harmless static stimulation. With proper training, a dog will learn to associate this signal with a command. In addition it provides you with the option to send tone or vibration stimulation signals to the Receiver Collar and the ability to control up to 6 collars (purchased separately) at distances of up to 1600 m. The SportTrainer SD-1825E can be easily expanded to control up to 6 dogs by adding SportDOG Add-A-Dog¨ collars. The system is also fully customisable, allowing you the flexibility to set 2 or more Remote Transmitters to control the same Receiver Collar.


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